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Here are all of my free storyboards, templates, and frames!

TOU (Terms of Use) of CoffeeShop Freebies

What are the TOU (Terms of Use) of the freebies you offer on this blog? I like to make it easy on my readers so my TOU are very simple. You can use anything you download directly from the CoffeeShop Blog in your personal or limited commercial work without any attribution.  In other words, you can use any textures, action, storyboards, digital papers, scrapbooking designs, etc. that you download directly on this site on your blogs/websites, card and storyboard designs, images, etc. without worrying about giving me credit.  However, I do have some terms of use you must read and follow below.

CoffeeShop Terms of Use:

1.  Do not redistribute, repackage, post for download, or sell "as is" anything downloaded on this blog.
2.  Do not link directly to any of my  downloads on this site.  Please link to the post in my blog that contains the freebie.
3.  If I incorporated design elements that are not my own in my designs, I mention them in the post where the freebie can be downloaded.  It is your responsibility to check out the updated terms of the designers/design elements on your own.

NOTE:  Download my free CoffeeShop Group It action to use on the .psd layered storyboard templates!  It makes loading the clipping masks very fast and easy.

If you want to quickly download many of the most popular CoffeeShop Frames/Storyboards/Digital Design Elements/Textures in one convenient file and help support this blog, please check out the CoffeeShop Digital Design Pack.

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If you would rather see the storyboards via labels, here you go!

I have both storyboard template image files and storyboard PS/PSE actions. I also have storyboard templates that are "decorated" and not just plain white.

NOTE: I have so many storyboard templates that you might have to click "Older Posts" at the end of each page to see even more storyboards!

FRAMES:  Here you will find all of the various types of frames I have created.
STORYBOARD TEMPLATES-SIMPLE: These storyboard are image files that you open in your photo-editing program like any other image and insert your own photos in the cutouts via clipping masks, drop and drag underneath, or free transform on top of the openings. These templates are very simple without any special embellishments and are meant to highlight your photography.

You can print or use these templates on your website. Some of these links will also include actions that automatically build and load the templates, so if you just want a template and not an action, be sure to open the .psd, .png, or .jpg file, not the .atn or PSE thumbnail files!

DECORATED TEMPLATES: These storyboard, card, blog header, etc. templates are decorated with various frames, brushes, colors, etc. and are image files only.

STORYBOARD PS/PSE ACTIONS: These links have Photoshop and Photoshop Element actions that automatically build and load storyboard actions, either for printing or the web. They might also include the actual templates, so make sure you load the .atn file with its matching thumbnail (if you have PSE).

STORYBOARD TUTORIALS: If you want to learn how to make your own storyboards or learn how to use clipping masks in storyboards, please check out these tutorials!

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