Digital Design and Scrapbooking Elements

TOU (Terms of Use) of CoffeeShop Freebies

What are the TOU (Terms of Use) of the freebies you offer on this blog? I like to make it easy on my readers so my TOU are very simple. You can use anything you download directly from the CoffeeShop Blog in your personal or limited commercial work without any attribution.  In other words, you can use any textures, action, storyboards, digital papers, scrapbooking designs, etc. that you download directly on this site on your blogs/websites, card and storyboard designs, images, etc. without worrying about giving me credit.  However, I do have some terms of use you must read and follow below.

CoffeeShop Terms of Use:

1.  Do not redistribute, repackage, post for download, or sell "as is" anything downloaded on this blog.
2.  Do not link directly to any of my downloads on this site.  Please link to the post in my blog that contains the freebie.
3.  If I incorporated design elements that are not my own in my designs, I mention them in the post where the freebie can be downloaded.  At the time I post the freebie, those design elements were free to use in personal or commercial work.  However, it is your responsibility to check out the current terms of the designers/design elements if you want to use the design elements in commercial work.

If you want to quickly download many of the most popular CoffeeShop Frames/Storyboards/Digital Design Elements/Textures in one convenient file and help support this blog, please check out the CoffeeShop Digital Design Pack.

Photoshop or PSE Brushes:

Photoshop and PSE Patterns:

COFFEESHOP CARD TEMPLATES: Different types of card templates, including holiday and baby announcements.

COFFEESHOP BLOG HEADERS AND BACKGROUNDS: A assortment of premade blog headers and backgrounds

All of these design elements (unless noted) are custom-made by me. Install the patterns and brushes into in your editing program (Photoshop and Photoshop Elements). Everything here can be used however you wish, just don't repackage it and sell it as is! Enjoy. Rita