Friday, December 3

CoffeShop "1900 Christmas" Clipart from Vintage Menus!

This summer I discovered some public domain 1800-1900 vintage menu covers from a Bremen, Germany cruising company. My father moved to Texas from Bremen during the 1960's so I wanted to edit a few for him to hang in his study. 

I thought Dad would really enjoy this print with the beautiful (topless) mermaids beckoning the ship. Nothing says "Sail with us and get to see topless sexy mermaids" better than this poster! I think my husband would enjoy this cruise... 

Anyway, let's move on from scantily-dressed mermaids. While downloading the Bremen menu covers I then found some really nice Christmas-themed menus where everyone was dressed appropriately for the season. So I decided to edit some of my favorite images off of them and share them with you today. 

These have free commercial terms-of-use so please feel free to use them any way you want.

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