Tuesday, October 1

CoffeeShop "Color Bar 6" Fine Art Photoshop/PSE Action!

I love when readers write me and request actions, presets, or storyboards. It is important to me to design freebies that you want, so I am thrilled when I get new ideas! One reader asked for me to design a new, bigger color bar action that would look gorgeous posted on Facebook, so here it is. 

The CoffeeShop "Color Bar 6" action loads your image and then allows you to custom pick 6 colors for the side color bar. You can print this or post it on social media, blogs, or websites. This is also a great way to pick colors for designing interiors or anything else, just grab an image you love and pick out coordinating colors. This action is so easy to use, and I hope you have fun!

For my example boards I used this flower image, this chair image, and a baby image from Lisa Rubel Photography (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). 

You can download this free action toward the bottom of this post, after the tutorial.

CoffeeShop "Color Bar 6" Photoshop/PSE Action Tutorial:

Start the CoffeeShop "Color Bar 6" action and place the image when prompted.

Resize it to fit over the black square and click Enter. 

Note: If you have to zoom out, use the keystroke Ctrl (Cmd in Mac)-0 (zero). To zoom back in repeat the keystroke.

The action will then prompt you to grab six colors from the image, one at a time. Simply click on the image to grab a color then press Return and repeat until all six color bars are filled.

You can make adjustments after the action finishes, just double-click any color and change it by clicking on the image. You can also resize the image or flip the orientation after it is finished. If you are posting it on a white background on the web add a drop shadow using this action.

Merge the layers and save and post or print! 

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  1. LOVED this! New blog post on my website with a handful of color palette examples!

    1. Love your site, thank you for sharing Meagan! Color Palettes are so great.

  2. Thank you; I just adore color palettes! This is amazing!! I have always wondered how people are able to make these, and thanks to you, I am able now too. Lots of grateful greetings from Finland!

    1. Ewa, thank you so much! I love color palettes too. I will make some new ones and post then soon. So much fun!

  3. Thank you for revisiting this action -- I had completely forgotten about it! I've been playing with it this morning; so much fun!


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