Thursday, March 17

CoffeeShop "Heirloom Browns" Fine Art Texture/Overlay Set!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I have to pull out my green shirt before the boys remember and start pinching me.

Today I wanted to share two really lovely distressed brown textures. These look gorgeous on images. Don't hesitate to desaturate them or change their colors for your own images (as seen in the image above), you aren't stuck with the brown. 

I wanted to show you this simple edit.

I ran the CoffeeShop "Cabernet  Afternoon" action on this image, adjusted the layers, and then added the Fremont texture from this pack in Overlay blending mode under the Cabernet layer.

I hope you enjoy playing with this new texture set!

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  1. Thanks Rita, these look great. I'm rather behind in my visits again. Unfortunately, both my parents ended up in the hospital with Covid in December and we almost lost dad. I'm an 8 hour drive away so needless to say, Dec. and Jan. were rather stressful. Thankfully, both of them are doing much better but even after three months they are still weakened from the ordeal. I ended up stepping back from the computer during that time and it is taking me forever to catch up. I see your new stuff as it comes into my mailbox and then file it away until I can come over and check it out better. Hopefully, I can get to some of my backlog soon. Hoping you and your family are continuing to heal and moving forward from your own difficulties of the past year. Take care! ~Lisa

    1. Lisa, oh no, I am so sorry to read that! So glad both of your parents are doing better. It can take some time to completely recover from such a bad virus. Thankfully you had them there to keep an eye on them. I hope you are going ok. We are doing fine, enjoying the spring-like weather, taking a few mini-trips, and trying to catch up with everything. Rita


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