Friday, June 23

CoffeeShop "Cabernet Afternoon" Photoshop/PSE Fine Art Action!

I usually post my {Friday Photo Bliss} photos today but I had finished this new action and loved it so much and couldn't wait to share it with you. I call it "Cabernet Afternoon" and it is a lovely red-wine tinted action that is fully adjustable and even has an optional B&W layer.

This action is one of the hundreds of actions and presets in my CoffeeShop Action/Preset Download Pack. This pack includes almost every action and preset found on this blog and several exclusive actions you can't find for free anywhere! If you purchase any of my download packs you can get free updates up to 2 years after purchase which is a big deal since I usually update them weekly! And pay $4 more and get hundreds of professional photographer storyboards, textures, papers, etc in the download. The CoffeeShop Blog is a one-woman show (me!) and my download packs support my blog and make all of my freebies possible. :-)

I wanted to thank the generous photographer at Unsplash for providing royalty free images. Elena Ferrer-White Flowers and Girl Holding Flowers, Aliasfan1k Braided Hair, Mitchel Lensink Purple Flowers, Ivan Jevtic Woman Holding Flowers, Annie Spratt Flowers in Jug.

CoffeeShop "Cabernet Afternoon" Photoshop/PSE Action Tutorial:

Run the "Cabernet Afternoon" action on the image. When the Levels adjustment layer pops up, adjust the sliders under the curve and on the Output Levels to taste.

You can make further adjustments later. In this case I lighted up the midtones quite a bit so her hair wouldn't be too dark, but I am going to paint the background out later to darken it.

This is the image after the action finishes running. You can adjust the opacities of each layer or paint on the layer masks.

As I mentioned earlier, the Levels adjustment was great to lighten her hair but too much for the background. So I clicked on the layer mask for "Levels 1" and painted on the background with a soft black high opacity brush to remove the extra light.

I also wanted to remove some of the "Cabernet" layer off of her hair. I used a soft 30% black brush to paint some of the color off.

You can also adjust the opacity of the top "Add Light" layer and/or selectively paint on the layer mask.

I love this edit!

If you want a pretty tinted-B&W, turn on the "Tinted B&W" layer and make adjustments on the other layers to taste.

When I use the B&W option I usually go back to the "Levels 1" layer and lighten up the midtones.

I hope you enjoy this new action!

Download the CoffeeShop "Cabernet Afternoon" Photoshop/PSE action.

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    1. Thank you Lisa. I always appreciate your kind comments.

  2. i just want to say that im beyond thankful to have come across your blog. Gives me, an aspiring photographer on a budget, the chance to create beautiful images. Your material if definitely one of my favs, not just because its free but because you have a real talent for what you do. I wish i could do some of this stuff myself but im glad i dont have to try to figure it out lol

    1. Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate your comment. The best part of using actions is that you can see what they do, take them apart, and learn so much about editing. Then you can even rewrite the action to make it your own!!! <3


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