Wednesday, June 9

CoffeeShop "Lady Echlin" Vintage Letter Texture/Overlay Set!

Yes, I love using textures. And sometimes you just need to add a beautiful letter overlay to make the image perfect. 

I put together this set of letters/notes/book cover made by Lady Eliza Echlin. They are Lady Echlin's alterations for the improvement of Richardson's "Clarissa."  I would have to Google what that means since I probably fell asleep during this class, but I am hungry and need to go make lunch. Hee hee!

These overlays can be applied to your images in different blending modes, I usually use Screen, Overlay, or Soft Light. 

Download this free set toward the bottom of this post.

On this butterfly image I added the book cover and one of the letters. 

In this edit I added one of the Lady Echlin letters and one of my favorite textures from the "Distressed Gyojitsu" set.

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