Thursday, January 28

CoffeeShop "Distressed Vintage" Fine Art Texture Set

Sorry I have been gone for a bit, it has been crazy here!

We are having a "forced" renovation due to a leak downstairs (in late October), so most of the downstairs including the kitchen and powder room are torn up/out. It has taken so long due to issues with a  previous contractor and insurance, but now we have a great contractor and everything is going much faster. I am optimistic it might be finished in 4-6 weeks and then I will post images.

I also have been busy working at The Graphics Fairy premium site, trying to catch up. I am a part-time tutorial writer/image editor there and I also help out with odds and ends and I LOVE it! Emily and Karen are so incredibly nice to work for and I absolutely love everything on their site. Please check them out if you want an amazing resource of gorgeous vintage images, editing tutorials, and handcraft tutorials.  They also have very generous terms of use if you are a designer. 

The boys are also at home being homeschooled, but they are at an age where they are very independent, so I don't have to spend that much time activity teaching them. I just give them their assignments and pop down occasionally to make sure they aren't distracted and playing with their pet rats or staring into space.

Today I wanted to post some vintage distressed textures I made a few weeks ago. These are so gorgeous and can be used to enhance your own images or even digital designs. I wrote an texture action that I will release soon, but if you do it by hand I like using these textures in Soft Light, Overlay, or Multiply blending modes. They are really so pretty.

Download them toward the bottom of this post. 

Images used in this post (owl, winter scene, yellow flowers).

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  1. I love all your textures...thank you for it all..I did not come on your blog a kong time and I discover many little treasures......

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  3. This is a great one! thank you Rita! and good for you that you homeschool your kids!


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