Wednesday, January 13

CoffeeShop "Vincent van Gogh" Fine Art Texture Set 1

It is a gorgeous day out there and I hope to bring the kids to the park after lunch. So I need to get a post up here ASAP. We just lost one of our little pet rats this morning, so we need to get out of the house. Rats make great little companions, but unfortunately their lives are just too brief. Rest in peace little Stormy.

These textures were designed a week or so ago and I just haven't had time to share them. I created them in Photoshop using Vincent van Gogh public domain images. They are all titled with part of the actual painting name so if you get really really bored you can figure out which painting matches which texture. 

All four of these textures are all quite different and have actual painterly brushstrokes. They look gorgeous layered over your images, or even used alone as papers.

I turned this photo into a painting using one of these textures. I will post a tutorial this week showing you how I did it. So easy!

Hope you have as much fun with these textures as I am had making them. 

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  1. Thank you. It helps to see your samples to see what effects can be achieved.

  2. Replies
    1. You are welcome BlueCat, hope you can use them!

  3. Beautiful every time, thank you. I tried to download your previous 2012 fruit texture, pear still life, but it didn't work.

    1. Thank you Roy! I will check that link out and see what is going on. Rita


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