Thursday, August 1

CoffeeShop "Impressions" Fine Art Texture Set!

Today I have a brand new fine art texture set! This one includes 5 beautiful textures that you can overlay on images or use alone as digital paper.

I usually like to use them in soft light blending mode, but you can also try screen, overlay, and/or multiple. These are all colored but you can change their colors by adding a Hue Adjustment layer or use them in grayscale.

I hope you enjoy playing with these new textures! Original images used in this post: (Woman, White Flowers 1, Eiffel Tower, White Flowers 2).

Download the CoffeeShop "Impressions" Fine Art Texture Set.

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  1. Hope everything is o with you and your family, its been awhile since you last posted


  2. Alice, we are doing great! I have just been so busy getting everything together for our school year. Plus it has been so hot, which makes me lazy. I will be around more now! And I hope you are having a great end of summer!!! Rita

  3. Just catching up on an earlier post while I have a few minutes. Thanks so much Rita for an awesome new set of textures. These are really cool.


    1. You are so welcome Lisa, I love seeing you back here!!! I hope everything is going great for you guys.


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