Wednesday, August 14

Yes, we are alive but MELTING!

How is the end of summer treating you?

We are all alive and well. The heat index has been around 110 each day, it is just miserable. I dragged the boys to the park this morning and really regretted it. You can tell in that photo that they are having a great time... Hee hee!

Every heard of "Hot Yoga"? Well, try "Hot Walking" in Texas. It is free and after a summer walk and cold shower you feel like you just had an intense massage/spa day. Call me crazy, but you feel completely relaxed.

It has been busy here as I am getting everything together for our homeschool year. Duke is going into high school (9th), so it is getting real! I will post later about what classes he is taking. Imp is in 7th grade, so it is going to be easy peasy to teach him.

I am finally recovered from my SINUS INFECTION FROM HELL, we have been flying, we are loving our a/c, and things are basically going great.

I will be back posting editing/design freebies, so keep me bookmarked and let me know what you want to see on my blog!

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  1. Sorry it's so hot for you. My son is in the Army and their base has been around those temps. They are in training so they are in full camo gear, with 75 lb backpacks they lug around while running. Not even my youth would I have been able to pull that off...haha. Glad you sinus infection is better, they are never fun. I'm soooooo glad my boys are done with school, I don't envy you on the homeschooling; I've even got a BS in Education but I would never attempt homeschool teaching. Keep the A/C flowing and do your best to stay cool.

    1. Oh my gosh, how can they run around in this heat with all of that weight? I could never do that either, I would have passed out. You would think living in Texas would acclimate me to the heat, but it never gets easier. Homeschooling is usually a blast, but I do have those days where I second guess my decision. ;-) And our AC is blowing right now!!! Have a great week.

  2. Happy to hear that you all are doing well...except for the heat mind you. Temps have been soaring all over the world! Can't beat the A/C for some relief. Glad your sinus infection has cleared as well. They can be rather nasty. Take care and enjoy the rest of the summer!


    1. Yes, I shudder to think if I had been born here before A/C. My mom grew up in Houston and they had fans. She said it was hot but you just got used to it. I am a big wimp. And it is so nice to finally be well!


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