Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Pretty Presets Lightroom Portrait Makeup Brushes SALE!

I wanted to let you know about the Pretty Presets Lightroom Perfect Portrait Makeup Brush special! Pretty Presets is a sponsor of my blog and they also sell the only presets I use besides my own. I love their presets! Read all about the special below. Grab them while they are on sale!



40 Perfect Portrait Makeup Brushes for only $29

Have you ever wanted to smooth skin, enhance eyes, whiten teeth or correct color casts on your images? You're not alone. We're so excited to share a favorite within our community, the Perfect Portrait Retouch and Makeup Brush Collection. These 40 brushes for Lightroom will help save you time while editing. These brushes will work on both your raw and jpeg images in Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6 and the Creative Cloud.

"These brushes are Amazing!! Saves me so much editing time and they are the perfect settings for amazing results. Highly recommend them!"


Newest Reviews from Buyers of Perfect Portrait Brushes

"I love the perfect portrait brushes, it has made my clients look flawless." -Christen W.
"These brushes are amazing! Saves me so much editing time and they are the perfect settings for amazing results. Highly recommend them!" -Ryanne O.
"These brushes cover everything you could think of to fix, and more that I never even knew could be done. Thank you Pretty Presets." -Dorsey B.
"I love everything about these brushes! They have helped my editing so much! They really make my work pop!" -Justin M.
"I have thoroughly loved my presets, it saves so much editing time!" -Larissa B.
"Absolutely wonderful! Makes editing so much easier. Love these!" -Kelly E.
"I love the Perfect Portrait brush set. There are so many great brushes in this set. They have helped to cut down my editing time and make my images pop. These are my go to brushes and very worth the purchase." -Alexa K.

Mastering Brushes in Lightroom Training


We'd like to help you save time while editing in Lightroom! This one-hour training has been dedicated to helping you use brushes and graduated filters to their full potential.
We'll also be sharing other great tips and tricks to save you time during our time together. Our hope is that this hour together will encourage you as you use lightroom and ultimately save you more time, too! Also, enjoy FREE NOTES.

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