Monday, June 5

What we are up to so far this summer.

So it is summer-break here at the CoffeeShop House. Well, not a complete break because we took quite a bit of time off during the cooler weather this fall/winter/spring so we have to play catch-up in school. Summers are hot and miserable here in Texas, so a perk of homeschooling is taking your vacations anytime but during the summer. ;-)

We are going to work on math and writing since I know a three month break in both those subjects is not a good idea for my boys. They will forget everything!

The weather has been rainy and very sticky/humid so we have been stuck inside more than we like. 

So what to do?

How about poker with your best buddy!


Maybe a little warplane model-building on the back porch?

Bowling is fun when it is rainy.

And when you have a break in the weather you definitely should hit the pool at your best buddy's house. 

One thing I would not suggest doing during the summer is getting bit on the eyelid by some insect.

Luckily Dad is an eye doctor so poor Imp had 24-hour care. Trying to avoid antibiotics, I put warm compresses on his swollen eye every hour or two during daylight hours for two days.

I drove Paul (my resident optometrist) crazy asking him to inspect Imp's eye after every compress. When he was at work I sent photos. I knew if his eyelid didn't get better ASAP we would have to start medication. You can't chance anything with your eyes.

And luckily for Imp it worked! Today his eye is back to normal and I will stop driving my poor husband crazy.

Hope you are enjoying your summer and not being driven crazy by any neurotic loved ones... :-)

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  1. So glad that Imp's eye is doing better. I also hope that you survive your hot sticky summer. I'd send some nice cool weather to you from Northern Ontario (Canada) if I could. Right now it is a beautiful 22 though it will also get hot and sticky (heading into the mid 40s) here soon. Thankfully though, we don't have three months straight of it and get little breaks of cooler weather (at least where I live).

    Lisa D.

    1. Thank you Lisa! And our summers are brutal, but we have amazing spring/winters/fall so I am not going to complain. I do wish you could send us some of your cooler weather right now!


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