Tuesday, February 25

CoffeeShop Bright Smile Photoshop/PSE Action and UnWrapped Tutorial: Subtle Teeth Whitening

We have all seen it; people who whiten their teeth until they glow in the dark.  Scary, right?  But what do you do when you are editing a lovely portrait and have to deal with slightly yellowed teeth from pleasurable coffee drinking (yep, that's me)?  I have seen people go crazy on the teeth editing, so I want to post a tutorial/action that gives a subtle, natural tooth whitening that won't blind you.

I am including a step-by-step tutorial and an action.  Thanks to suggestions from my readers, I am going to create single-step actions for all of my retouching action sets.  I plan on writing a simple smooth skin action next.

CoffeeShop Bright Smile Photoshop/PSE tutorial:

1.  Open your image.  As you can see, this lovely lady has slightly yellow teeth.

2.  Add a Hue/Adjustment layer and set the Master and Yellow setting to the screenshot above.  Master:  Hue, -10; Saturation, -25; Lightness, 15.  Yellow:  Saturation, -20; Lightness, 40.  You can play with these settings if needed.

3.  Then add a black layer mask to the Hue/Saturation layer.  (Click to select it and fill it with black.)

4. Click to select the layer mask and use a soft white 100% opacity brush to paint on the teeth. I clicked on Shift-alt and clicked on the layer mask so I could see where I was painting.

5.  Admire your subtly whitened teeth!

Mouse over to see the before.

Download the free CoffeeShop Bright Smile Action
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  1. Would it be possible for you to break these steps down for a beginner? It says open a hue/saturation layer and use a black layer mask. I'm not sure how to do these things. Thanks.

  2. Is this not available for download anymore?

    1. Niki, the download is toward the bottom of the post!


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