Wednesday, May 11

CoffeeShop "Ethereal Blush" Fine Art Photoshop/PSE Action!

I haven't put out a new Photoshop/PSE action in months! I already have hundreds of free actions posted here on my blog (you can purchase most of them including exclusive actions not found on my blog in a single download and help support my site). So it is rare I need to write a new action for my work. 

Today I was trying to edit a floral image for a card and decided to write up my edit in a brand new action to share with you. This action is called "Ethereal Blush" and is gorgeous on light background images. I couldn't stop playing with it, I think I am going to make a set of floral cards using only this action.

Don't forget to add a gorgeous texture to your image! I used one from this set in soft light on this floral image. 

CoffeeShop "Ethereal Blush" Action Tutorial: 

Open up your image. I used these flowers.

Run the "Ethereal Blush" action. This is what the image looked with no adjustments. 

Feel free to adjust each layer's opacity or turn off/on different layers to get your perfect edit. 

In this edit I turned on the Matte layer and dialed down the "Add Pink to Highlights" layer to 25%. 

I hope you enjoy using my newest action!

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