Wednesday, October 27

CoffeeShop "Paul Joseph Gabriël" Fine Art Texture Set!

It has been a rainy morning so I made brownies and textures, two of my favorite things! Unfortunately I can only share the textures with you. You might not like the brownies anyway, they are gluten-free and low carb due to certain sensitivities in our family. I think they are great but I am not so picky with brownies. And the kids will eat and enjoy almost anything I cook or bake as long as it doesn't have mushrooms (Isaac) or canned sardines (Luke). 

I just pictured sardine mushroom brownies and I feel a little bit sick.

Today's set of textures were created from this Paul Joseph Constantin Gabriël painting:

A Windmill on a Polder Waterway, Known as ‘In the Month of July’, Paul Joseph Constantin Gabriël, c. 1889 oil on canvas

Some interesting tidbits from the site:  ‘Our country is saturated with colour. ... I repeat, our country is not grey, not even in grey weather, nor are the dunes grey’, wrote Constant Gabriël in a letter. Unlike many Hague School painters, he actually enjoyed depicting a beautiful summer day. There are even two of them in this painting: the image of the grass, sky and mill, and their reflection in the water.
I really love this painting as it is so bright and colorful. And that reflection, swoon. 

So what does Rita do when she sees a lovely perfect painting? She isolates one part of it and makes a texture from that section. You can download the set toward the bottom  of this post.

Today I used the top part of the painting, created a seamless pattern, and then created 5 unique high-resolution textures from it. I have a tutorial written on this, but I had to briefly take it down because something in the coding was causing my website to be wonky. My sidebar completely disappeared!

 It had to be one of my long detailed posts that caused issues of course.  Isaac tried to fix the code, but gave up after quite some time and told me I should just rewrite it. So that is on my list...

On this edit I combined two of the textures, Gabriël 3 in Soft Light and Gabriël 4 in Soft Light and Overlay. So pretty!

Original images used in this post: woman, yellow flowers, owls.

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