Wednesday, January 5

CoffeeShop Photoshop/PSE Tutorial: Design Custom Skinny-Striped Paper!

I had a reader ask me how I made my skinny-striped papers in this set so I told her I would put up a little tutorial. This is a very easy technique to make custom-sized and -colored striped papers in Photoshop/PSE. 

You can download the pattern I made in this tutorial at the bottom of the tutorial.

I also wanted to mention I have been doing some blog housekeeping and just updated my free storyboard/frame page. Please check it out, I have so many new ones added!

CoffeeShop Photoshop/PSE Skinny-Striped Patterned Paper Tutorial:

Make a new document, 80 pixels wide and 40 pixels high.

Use the rectangular Marquee tool (M) (with no feather) and draw a rectangle that is 20 by 40 on the left side.

Add a Black Solid Color fill layer. It will fill in the selected rectangle.

NOTE: At this step you could add your background color and make the rectangles your final stripe colors, but I prefer to keep it in black and gray with no background so I can customize all of the colors later.

Use the Marquee tool to select a second rectangle 40 pixels in, 20 by 40 pixels

Add a Gray Solid Color fill layer to fill it in.

Save Pattern: Go to the top menubar and select Edit<Define Pattern.

Give the pattern a name and save it. 

Design Striped Paper: Make a new document 10 by 10 inches, 300 pixels/inch.

Add a Pattern adjustment layer and select your new striped pattern, Scale 100%

Note: Feel free to make the stripes bigger or smaller on this step.

Add a new Solid Color adjustment layer of your choice for the background color (I used white).

Drag this to the bottom layer.

Click to select the top layer and the use the Magic Wand tool to select the black stripes. 

Make sure Contiguous is not checked.

Add a Solid Color layer in your choice of color. Now the black stripes are blue!

Select the gray stripes.

Add a Solid Color layer in the color of your choice and your paper is done.

If you want to save this file so you can change the colors later,  just delete the Pattern layer and save as a PSD. 

Here is the paper with different color stripes.

Hope this helps you design your own beautiful striped papers!

Download the CoffeeShop Striped Pattern I made in this tutorial.

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  1. Thank you SO much. I'm trying to learn how to do this and you just gave me some success!


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