Tuesday, January 11

CoffeeShop "Andriessen" Fine Art Texture/Overlay Set!

So school is slowly starting back up in our house. The boys aren't exactly excited as they had things they were doing all break with Civil Air Patrol and a NASA class that Luke is taking. But welcome to the real world kids, you gotta work! But we do really need a little flying weekend away soon.

Paul is getting new floors and paint in his optometry clinic this month and WHAT A MESS! It can only be worked on during his off days (Sunday/Monday) and evenings, so he is spending so much time up there moving things out, around, and putting them back before patients show up. Lots of late nights this last week. Thankfully we have some great professionals doing the work (besides all of the moving around of junk) so it is going quickly.

I am getting some things done in the house and on the computer and found this texture set I made last month and forgot to share. These textures are gorgeous and I hope you enjoy using them alone as papers or overlayed over images or digital designs. 

The free download is toward the bottom of this post.

Soft Light blending mode

Soft Light blending mode

You can these papers on your digital papers in different blend modes to make the papers look more distressed/painterly. 

Do you want to download all of my favorite professional CoffeeShop PSE/Photoshop actions (including exclusive ones not found anywhere for free), textures, papers, clip art/design elements, storyboards, and Lightroom presets in one convenient zipped file AND help support this blog? Just click here for my CoffeeShop Mega Download Pack!


  1. By the way, if there are three textures in this pack, only two would download ; for some reason the dark one wasn't recognized. Love your textures. (Bought your mega pack awhile back and love them.)

    1. Oh no, I will check it out and see what is going on. Thank you for letting me know!

  2. Hi! I love these textures and all of the wonderful helps you publish for us. Your tutorials on some of the textures and actions are so helpful. The Second texture in this set is still not able to be opened. If it helps, texture 1 and 3 are @ 1.4 - 1.9 MBs. The 2nd which does not open weighs in at 46.7MBs. Again - thank you SO much!


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