Tuesday, January 4

CoffeeShop "Antique Quilts" Digital Texture Designs

I love vintage quilts. I have one crazy quilt that is in pieces my grandmother found in a garage sale and gave to me. I am saving it for a future project, or I might simply frame a large piece of it. The stitching is so beautiful and I love that whoever made it incorporated so many different scraps of fabric.

Today I wanted to share a set of gorgeous digital quilts textures from the 1800's that are not musty-smelling garage sale finds. These quilt images are high-resolution and can be used in your own designs. They come with free commercial terms-of-use.

I found them all at the Met and Rijksmuseum.

The detail is amazing! I didn't clean them up too much, I wanted them to be authentically aged. 

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  1. Thanks so much! My cousin's wife makes beautiful quilts so I always make quilt related Birthday Greetings for her.

    1. Scarette, I made a small decorative quilt years ago and really enjoyed the process. I wish I would take the time to get back into it. I love homemade quilts. So happy you can use this design set! Rita

  2. You are sure in a wonderful prolific creative time. Beautiful. Thanks.

    1. Julie, you are so right! I just am having so much fun creating lately. I go to bed thinking of what I want to do the next day. It provides me so much joy. Rita


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