Tuesday, December 7

CoffeeShop "de Villeneuve" Fine Art Textures/Overlays Set!

NOTE: Download link to this beautiful texture set is on the bottom of this post. Feel free to skip my long convoluted story about my youngest child, Hoover, and his apparent chocolate addiction. I know many of us do that on food blogs!

I hope your December is going well. I honestly have no idea why the time seems to be flying by so quickly this year, but we are finally getting our Christmas things together. The tree is up but still needs to be decorated (today) and I need to hang up the stockings. 

Thankfully we don't buy adults in our families Christmas gifts, so I just have a few more things I need to buy for my boys and nephews/nieces (niblings?). And of course a dog toy for Hoover.

Most of our windows are high so to get a view of the front yard Hoover has to sit on the stairs to look out. Notice he is bravely guarding our house with his dog toy. He inherited this toy from Piper and it is a favorite.

Speaking (writing) of Hoover, we have discovered he is a chocolate fiend. We are aware of the risks of feeding dogs chocolate so he had never tasted of this divine substance until recently. 

The first occasion when he indulged on this delicacy was just a few weeks ago. Paul was watching TV and placed a row of chocolate on the side table. Hoover walked by, assumed anything not in the kitchen was his, and snatched and gobbled it up. 

Thankfully Hoover survived. But Paul still brings it up to him almost daily.

Yesterday we put up our little Christmas Tree Advent thingie. Yes, we are a little late, but better late than never when it involves delicious treats.

The boys filled the tree with fancy chocolate, one for each of them per day. They were most excited to have two packs of Ghirardelli chocolate mints. We usually don't keep these heavenly delights in the house due to their diabetic-causing levels of sugar. But boy are they delicious.

Hoover normally doesn't get in things (he is the most perfect child) so they placed it on a low cabinet by the stairs. Later that day both boys were out doing yard work with their dad and I was reading on the couch (I have a slight cold and was resting up). Hoover comes up with a Ghirardelli chocolate mint and drops it right by me. It had a single tooth-mark piercing the middle of the wrapper, so apparently he got frustrated trying to open his delicious chocolate and was hoping I would assist him.

I put the Advent tree up higher, placed the mauled chocolate on the table, and when the boys came back in I told them what Hoover had done. They counted their Advent chocolate and found they were missing a single Merci chocolate, wrapper and all. 

Isaac was pretty mad at Hoover. Luke was more understanding as he shares Hoover's passion for the dark forbidden treat. Luke, who is very frugal, didn't want to waste the Hoover-chomped chocolate so he carefully opened the wrapper, cut out the part that was contaminated with dog germs, and ate the rest. 

Isaac was really grossed out about that.

Yes, my dog sits on low couches like a human.

Later that day I was reading on the couch, still resting up, and enjoying some delicious 85% chocolate. We are a chocolate-loving family. The phone rang (we still have a landline) so I placed my chocolate on my book and went to go find out if I had received my Medicare card yet or had my iPhone compromised and if I give them my password they will fix it. 

After hanging up the phone (no, I don't want new windows) I went back to my couch to rest up a little longer.

Nope, nothing to see here Mom. Just resting here on your couch. Chocolate? I didn't see any chocolate. Maybe you ate it and forgot? 

Hoover was fine, so apparently he is not allergic to chocolate. But he was especially hyper on his walk that evening.

If you made it this far, I hope you enjoy this new texture set!

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  1. Love the stories! Your house is gorgeous and Hoover is a character. Huge LOL about the phone marketers! Thanks as always for the downloads! XOX

    1. Thank you so much! I haven't made time to actually blog lately and I miss it. Hoover is a character all right, and just so darn adorable he can get away with stealing my chocolate. At least one time. And thank you about my house, it was built in the 1980's but based on a 1900 shotgun victorian/farm house so really pretty but zero closets on the 1st floor and tiny ones on the second. They stuck to the plans too well. Hee hee! And we are hanging on the landline for now. We had a hurricane a few years ago that knocked out cell towers so only landlines worked. We won't be able to call any friends or family since they got rid of their phones, but we can call 9-11. But I don't pay for caller ID so I sometimes answer it just in case it is someone I want to talk to.


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