Tuesday, April 06, 2021

CoffeeShop "Schuyler" Vintage Letter Texture/Overlay Set!

We have all been doing great and I will be posting an update on our family (and Bob Hoover the dog) this week. But today I wanted to release my new set of free vintage letters that you can use as textures/overlays over images or designs. 

These letter overlays can be used in many different blending modes depending on the effect you are looking for, but I usually stick with Overlay, Soft Light, Multiply, and Screen. 

Original letters were found here and all written by the same author in the 1700's, and edited/enhanced by me in Photoshop

Download the large high-resolution set down toward the bottom of this post! And if you use them I would love to see your work, you are welcome to post your edits on my Facebook page.

On this butterfly I also used a texture from this set

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  1. And another gorgeous one! Thank you so much again!

  2. Hi Rita! I learned a lot more about Distressed FX following your video on using textures


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