Wednesday, March 25

CoffeeShop "Bethany" Fine Art Texture Set!

Today is a gorgeous day and I was inspired to post these gorgeous textures. I made them using Topaz Impressions and I am so happy with how they turned out. These look amazing on so many different types of images. I use them in Soft Light and Overlay blending modes on photos, but you can also use them as scrapbooking papers. And of course they come with free commercial TOU! Download them toward the bottom of this post.

And thanks for those of you who are supporting my small business by purchasing my download packs. I really do appreciate it so much. 💗

We are doing fine here in Texas where we were just told yesterday to stay-at-home, unless you want to go to Target, Walmart, HEB, Home Depot, Ikea, etc. And yet many small businesses that are excited to see a few customers each day are closed. Yes, I am shrugging my shoulders and shaking my head in confusion right now... Paul is working at his optometry clinic seeing a lot of medical patients who can't go to their regular optometrists because they closed shop, and we are staying at home and I am only going out to buy groceries or walk at the park. 

We are also doing our part and ordering food out from all of our favorite local restaurants. I went from being lazy and wasteful if I didn't cook my own dinner to an economic hero!

So I can pretend things are normal most of the time. My parents are doing great, just isolating in their house reading and watching TV and having a few arguments here and there. I am bringing them groceries and staying 6 feet away. My sisters are in Austin and Dallas so who knows when we will get together but we can text and call. 

I am staying busy and have faith that we will get through this crazy decade. Wait, crazy year? No, crazy few months???  It seems like this has been going on FOREVER. I decided a few days ago I am going to follow the rules, but I am not going to freak out with anxiety and will stay positive and enjoy my life. So far I have been mostly successful staying positive, but there are times each day that I divert off my path of "Serenity Now".

Stay safe and keep faith!  How are you handling things these days? How are your kids doing? Mine are used to being bored at home so they don't notice much of a difference. What are you doing to avoid getting stressed and asking a million "What ifs"? Comment below to let me know!

Original images (white butterfly, butterfly, bird)

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