Thursday, July 11

CoffeeShop "War & Peace" Fine Art Texture Set

It is a gorgeous day, but there is a potential hurricane headed our way (Barry). It is in the Gulf Coast and Houston is still in the cone of uncertainty.  (UPDATE: Houston was just removed from the cone of uncertainty late morning after I wrote this post. My thoughts and prayers are with those in the path of this storm. Stay safe!) Because we are on the west "clean" side of this storm the weather folks say we might just have a super hot muggy day OR up to 10-12 inches of rain, depending on where it hits. Living 1.5 hours from the beach is great most of the year, not so great during hurricane season. 

I already went grocery shopping last night, just in case. Apparently I am the only concerned weirdo, the store was almost empty. But I found NY strip steaks for $3.75/pound, so I stocked up. We use them for fajitas and fajitas are a great hurricane party food, right? My kids were excited because we also picked up chips because unhealthy junk food won't hurt you when you are under the threat of a hurricane. That is a fact I just made up.

I remember grocery shopping just before Hurricane Harvey hit us two summers ago. The grocery store was INSANE, just one huge line snaking all the way back to the milk section. The boys and I stocked up with soups, water, peanut butter, paper plates, wipes, etc. But so many people there had their carts piled high with chips and beer. The chip aisle was almost completely empty!

Anyway, our pantry is stocked up and our generator is ready-to-go, so what is a girl to do? Why not make some new textures!

Today I made a new set of fine art textures to share with you called "War & Peace". I included two textures in this pack and they are gorgeous, painterly effect over cracked stone with subtle blues, grays and browns. I find myself wanting to use them on floral images and portraits, but they also would be gorgeous on landscapes and macro images. Use them in soft light, overlay, screen and multiply blending modes. 

You can download them at the bottom of this post.

And I hope everyone in the path of this tropical storm/hurricane will be safe and dry the next days!

Original image of the pink flower.

You can download the edited high-resolution printable image of the dragonfly on this page.

You can download the edited high-resolution printable image of the flower on this page.

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  1. merci pour ces jolies textures

  2. This looks like it will give beautiful results for a large variety of photos. Thank you so much. Good luck with the storm.

    1. Thank you! I love these, they are some of my favorite textures I have made. And it still looks like the storm will miss us. I just feel for the people in its path in Louisiana.

  3. We're hunkering down awaiting Barry's arrival in BR. Prayers appreciated. Thanks so much for the beautiful textures!! (Bridget)

    1. Oh no John, I hope you guys were ok! I am not fond of hurricane season. We were fine here and now it is hot and humid and I am wishing for a bit of rain. Rita


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