Friday, July 12

CoffeeShop "Fine Art Photoshop/PSE Texture Tutorial"

Today I wanted to post a new Photoshop/PSE Fine Art texture editing tutorial. In this tutorial I will show you how I use my War & Peace texture and a Solid Color Fill Layer to turn a photo into wall art. This is also a wonderful technique if you like to to make greeting cards or edited images to post on social media/websites/blogs.

You don't have to use your own images to create beautiful art to hang on your walls. Use any free image, like ones found on Unsplash. In this tutorial I edited an image from Anita Austvika. Check out her other work, it is gorgeous!

This editing tutorial is so easy, it takes only a few minutes and any beginner in Photoshop/PSE can do it! You can download the edited print I made in this tutorial here.

CoffeeShop Photoshop/PSE Fine Art Texture Tutorial:

Open your image.

Add Warmth: Add a Solid Color fill layer, Hex# fde4b9.

Put this layer in Soft Light blending mode. This really brightens and warms up the image.

Add Fine Art Texture: Click and Drag or Place one of my free War & Peace textures on top and transform it to fit. 

Put the texture layer in Overlay Blending mode, 65% opacity. You can also use Soft Light, Screen, or Multiply in this step. Each blending mode will give you a different custom look and you can combine them and/or adjust opacities to taste.

Final Contrast Adjustments: If you want to adjust the contrast, add a Levels adjustment layer. I usually add it under the texture, but you can add it on top of all the layers if you like the effect more.

In the example above I didn't change any of the adjustments on the Levels curve and simply put that layer in Multiply blending mode.

In this example I put the Levels layer in Screen blending mode, 40% opacity. I love the bright softness in this edit.

Alternatively, keep the Levels layer in Normal mode and open up its settings and adjust the sliders under the curve and Output Levels. I added some contrast in this example.

Isn't this lovely! Print and frame it or print out your own custom greeting cards. You could also add a quote and post it on social media.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I would love to see your own edits posted my Facebook page.

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