Thursday, January 17

CoffeeShop "Love" Storyboard Set and Photoshop Tutorial!

Today I am sharing a set of romantic storyboards for Photoshop/PSE that are perfect for Valentine's Day but can also be used for everyday images of couples or loved ones.

You can change the border/frame color as well as the text/glitter color and add your images using the clipping masks. These can be printed or posted on blogs/websites or social media sites. And they come with free commercial terms-of-use!

I wanted to show you how I added the text and made cutouts in the clipping masks. You can read the tutorial below.

Images used in this post: (B&W Couple, Pond Couple). I used the Digory Doodles font.

Designing Custom Text Storyboards:

Create a new document. I made this one 2000px by 2000px for posting on social media. 

Grab the Marquee tool (M) and draw in the area for the clipping mask/photo frame.

Make a new layer and Edit < Fill with gray. This will be your clipping mask layer where you clip the image.

Add text.

Use the Magic Wand tool to select the text.

Then Expand the selection.

I expanded it by 20 pixels, but it really depends on your document/text size.

You might have to play with the expansion number a bit until you are happy with the selection. I want a decent amount of white space surrounding the text. This looks perfect.

Go to the top menubar and click Select < Select and Modify.

I want to add this text to the gray clipping mask's layer mask. So I clicked on the clipping mask to select it.

Then I added a layer mask. At this point it will look strange, you have to inverse the mask. To do this, click to select the layer mask and then Ctrl(Cmd)-I.

Now you can see the gray clipping mask. I don't like the mask falling under the letters, but it is an easy fix. Simply click to select the layer mask once again, and use a 100% opacity hard black brush to remove the clipping mask where needed.

I think this looks much better. Now I can add my image.

Click to select the gray clipping mask and then drag and drop the image on top.

Then clip the image to the mask and resize it to fit, Ctrl(Cmd)-T.

I decided to remove the cutouts in the "O" and "E" as I find them distracting. I again clicked to select the gray clipping mask's layer mask and then used a black paint brush to  paint it off of of the letters.

This looks much better!

I decided to grab a color from the image for the text. You can also add a glitter pattern or other effects to the text as I did with the storyboards in this download. It is so fun to customize these storyboards. You can add a child's name, special quote, or even a fancy brush pattern.

Download the CoffeeShop "Love" Storyboard Set!

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