Tuesday, November 6

CoffeeShop "Dark Pavement" Texture/Overlay!

I am so sorry I haven't been around, I am still really sick with this horrible virus. Thank goodness the boys are both doing better, but I think they have been a little feral since their mother hasn't been able to get out of bed much the last days. Paul is still out-of-town on business, so I have been a single mom for a few days and it has been quite the adventure.

The new free-lensing action will be out later this week once I get time to get it all put together, but today I wanted to share a new texture. I call it "Dark Pavement" and it is a lovely vintage cracked texture that can be used in soft light, overlay, screen, or multiply blending modes.

(Rose, Leaf, Pink Flower)

Download the CoffeeShop "Dark Pavement" Texture.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you guys have been under the weather. I can't believe how far behind I am with your posts but will try and catch up as I can. Feel better soon!


    1. Thank you so much Lisa! It is great to see you back here commenting, I have missed you!

  2. Oh right...and thanks so much for the texture. As always, it is an awesome one! L.

  3. the download for this one isn't working for me, It's exactly what I"ve been looking for I am hoping it is working when I try back later

    Thanks so much for this blog it's been a lifesaver more than once!

  4. Thank you so much lyfisgrand! I just checked and the download is working on both Safari and Firefox on my iMac. Could you try downloading on a different browser?


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