Thursday, November 1

CoffeeShop "10 x 20" Storyboard Set #50!

Sorry I have been MIA the last days. My oldest got really sick last week with some fever/sore throat thing, and then we all eventually caught it. We were supposed to go out of town for several days this last weekend, but had to cancel our trip. We did manage to go to the beach for an overnight which was nice, but now Paul and I are not feeling our best.

But I am back at work today and I wanted to share a new professional Photoshop/PSE 10x20 storyboard set. You can print or post these on the web. Use my nifty Group-It Photoshop/PSE action to quickly load and resize your images.

A special thanks to Lisa Rubel Photography (websiteFacebookInstagramTwitter) for allowing me to use her stunning images in my example storyboard.

I am finishing up a really beautiful Photoshop/PSE action that simulates the freelensing effect and hope to post it late this week or early next week.  I love this type of effect, but I find it difficult to get it via my camera. So I decided to write an action that does it for me! It is completely customizable and you can edit in B&W or color. So far I have been really impressed with how well it works.

after CoffeeShop Freelensing Action

Download the CoffeeShop "10x20 Storyboard" Set #50.

Do you want to download thousands of professional CoffeeShop PSE/Photoshop actions (including exclusive ones not found anywhere for free), textures/overlays, scrapbooking papers, clip art/design elements, photo storyboards and frames, and Lightroom presets from this site in one convenient zipped file AND help support this one-woman blog?

Just click here for my CoffeeShop Mega Download Pack!

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