Friday, August 10

{Friday Photo Bliss}: Summer Blowout, Frisbee, Crazy-Angry Woman, and Friends

On Fridays I like to post snapshots I took during the week that make me happy.

It is really hot (the heat index is around 100 during the afternoon) but you can't beat these gorgeous summer days. This is our local park where we go to hike and play. More about what happened to me when I was taking this photo below.

This time the guys brought a Frisbee. They will do anything to avoid hiking the back trails when it is this hot and find my hiking obsession rather annoying during the summer.

While they were playing I decided to take a little walk. But of course, I love to walk.

I walked down to the creek and took a snapshot. As I was turning around to walk back up the hill I saw a woman out of the corner of my eye walking by the creek. I didn't know if she saw me (or what she was doing down there!), so I just continued along my way.

I was quite some distance from the creek, photographing the first field photo in this post, when I heard a woman running up behind me yelling, asking why I had taken her photo! I was trying to figure out what she was talking about when I was obviously taking a photo of the field and she was behind me, but then I realized she had to be the woman I saw by the creek.

Taken aback from her aggressive behavior, I told her that I was taking a photo of the creek where we go wading and had noticed her but didn't want to disturb her. I was hoping she wouldn't insist I hand over my phone since she was obviously upset and possibly crazy, but she calmed down and seemed satisfied that I wasn't a stalker.

Note to self: Turn off the camera clicky sound-effect so next time crazy ladies won't chase after you!

I told the kids this story and they immediately said she must have snuck down there to pee and was afraid I took a photo of her! I told them that was highly unlikely since she is a grown woman and there was a restroom within a short walk. Boys...

After I escaped the clutches of the Crazy Lady I decided to head back to my somewhat normal family and play some Frisbee.

And boy am I a bad Frisbee player. Notice how sweaty I am in this photo. That is because I did extra running around because I couldn't catch that darn slippery little plastic disc.

My 9-year-old nephew came to stay with us part of this week and the boys had a blast building a fancy super-deluxe box fort and swimming in our amazing pool, oops, I mean running through our amazing sprinkler and "shooting" each other with a power-sprayer hose attachment.

The giant box is from our newest Costco leather recliner couch. The last one broke and Costco allowed us to return it and we purchased a newer version. Sure, it might not be the classiest couch out there, but it is so comfy. Comfort over style always wins in this house.

We have friends and family who have beautiful backyard pools and sometimes I feel guilty that we don't have one (we own a small a plane so no money for a pool), but does that face look like someone who isn't having fun in our Redneck Party Yard?

Yeah, they don't care. Water is water and they are hot.

The reason I insisted that they jump in the sprinkler is because of their initial project which involved making "ink" from fire pit ashes and water from the dog bowl.

They were very proud of this project and drew huge stick people all over the driveway. Unfortunately their art got washed off the pavement by the sprinkler before I was able to take a photo of it.

It wasn't all outdoor playing, they also enjoyed some mineral water and watermelon over a game of Uno with their friend and cousin.

After such a fun week we decided to take a break today and do some school. ;-) We have been keeping up with math/science/history this summer because we want to take off some time when it cools down. Year-round-school is a definite plus for this homeschooling mom because our summers are INTENSELY HOT. The rest of the year is quite pleasant and one of the reasons I love Texas.

Have a great weekend!

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