Tuesday, May 29

CoffeeShop "Nature Metallics" Fine Art Texture/Overlay Set!

I took a very long weekend off as my sister Heather and her kids are visiting. It is so nice having a sister in town, and the kids had so much fun hanging out together. But I have missed my little computer and wanted to get back to work creating some more freebies for you.

I love textures and overlays and I wanted to make a new set for you. This set contains four high-resolution textures that turn simple images into stunning art. I drag them on top of my images and put them in overlay, soft light, hard light, screen, or multiply blending modes. You can even do a combo of textures/settings.

In this image I used the "Metallic Ocean" texture twice in soft light blending mode and blurred it off the couple. Then I added one of my Sublime Sun Overlays. If you are interested in me walking you through this edit just leave a comment and I will write the tutorial!

Images used in this post: (Couple, Floral).

Download the CoffeeShop "Nature Metallics" Fine Art Texture Set!

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  1. This is beautiful. Did you add the overlay after the texture? Thank you.

  2. I added the sun ray overlay on top of all of the other layers! I wanted it to be bright. But you could drag it under the texture too if you wanted. It really depends on the effect you want on the image. And thank you for your kind words!

  3. Another beautiful texture set. Thanks so much Rita!



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