Thursday, May 31

CoffeeShop "Photo Web Boards" Set #44!

I am still finishing up my underwater portrait Photoshop action, it has been a little tricky and I want it to be amazing. It will be out early next week and I hope you love it!

Today I have spent some time moping around, feeling stupid and slightly embarrassed. I didn't know my cell phone was in my back pocket and it dropped in the toilet. Yes, I know I should just tell you that it got wet at the pool or beach, or that it dropped in my latte at the coffee bar down the street. But I have to be real, and I know I am not the first nor the last person to lose their phone to the "Porcelain Throne". Sigh...

Yes, it was a clean water (as clean as water can be in a toilet, my dog LOVES toilet water, yuck) and yes, it fried my phone. I did the rice in the bag trick and NOTHING.

I have gone two days without a phone and frankly it has been quite relaxing. But I miss having a GPS and camera in my pocket (yeah, maybe not the best place to store it in the future). And the new smart phones are water resistant, so that is a plus. I just have to pick out which child isn't going to get braces so I can buy my new phone. Duke's teeth really aren't that bad, right?

Now, on to the reason I wrote this post. I did find some time to design a new freebie to share with you.

This download is a set of three 2000px by 2000px web boards. You can add your images using the clipping masks and change all of the fonts/texts/and colors. These are perfect for almost anything, use them for Sneak Peeks, baby announcements, session ads, or just to show off your favorite images.  I hope you have fun using them!

Images used in my example above: (1, 2, 3).

Download the CoffeeShop "Photo Web Boards" Set #44.

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