Friday, January 08, 2016

{Friday Photo Bliss}

I like to look through the images I took that week and post my favorite here on Friday. These images aren't stunning works of art, but simply snapshots of our week that make me happy and remind me that life is beautiful, even if my house is a mess. ;-)

I told the boys that they had to organize Imp's bedroom. His bedroom is much bigger than Duke's so it is the home of all of their toys (and the rats) and it was a complete and utter disaster. It was so bad I found dirty underwear and socks on the top shelf. Really???

This is the before shot, after I made them drag everything off the shelves and under the bed to the middle of the room. Unfortunately I don't have the after shot as his room was organized and spotless for about an hour before he started a new project.

When I walked in to take a photo of the room-organizing in progress (I wanted to document the mess and send it to my mom) I felt a rush of anger and disgust that my kids were such slobs. At that moment I decided it was a gorgeous day and we were going to go on a family hike and they could finish the room later.

Procrastination is a wonderful sanity-keeping tool, in moderation. If you have kids or a puppy you know exactly what I am talking about.

We grabbed my mom and set off to one of our favorite hiking parks about an hour drive away.

Notice by the genuine smile on my face that I forget the horrible mess back at home. I can't be stressed, sad, or angry when I am out in nature with my loved ones.  Well, most of the time anyway... :-)

It was sunny and chilly and the lake was gorgeous!

We started our hike late and the sun was going down quickly. We had to walk six miles and I started to get a bit anxious worrying that we wouldn't make it out of the woods before it got dark. My mom is in great shape, but she is slow and steady as a turtle.

Mom was worried she would be stuck out all night with her annoying stressed daughter.

But then my sweet husband showed me I was reading the map incorrectly and that we were making great time, at the expense of my mother's feet. My dear husband also told me I was never going to be his co-pilot if we ever purchased our bucket-list small 4-person airplane.

I think he is planning to stick me in the back seat with a vomit-bag and turn off the microphone on my headset.

We walked around on the dam and got muddy feet. Then we sat down on an area of red clay to eat our lunch and got  reddish-sticky muddy bottoms.

It wouldn't be a good hike if we didn't get dirty. ;-)

Sometimes it is those little moments that make your heart swell with happiness. I was walking behind the guys with my slow-and-steady mom when I noticed that Duke had grabbed his dad's hand.  Swoon.

There were so many interesting things to see, like this dead tree full of woodpecker holes (and apparently lots of yummy bugs).

We finished our walk and made it home just after dark. We were tired but happy.

My mom took two days to recover.

The next day I brought Piper out for a walk on the greenbelt. He didn't go hiking at the park with us as we didn't want him pulling on his leash for hours. My arm might fall off. We are using an easy walk collar now and it really helps, but I don't know if we can use it on a long hike. I am afraid it might rub against his front legs and be painful. But it is perfect for short walks.

I love winter clouds.

The rains moved in later this week. The kids pulled out all of their toys that they haven't played with for a while to prove that I was wrong in telling them it was time to donate them to younger kids.

Here is their farm.

And a general store.

With homemade penguin money. Lots of penguin money. Lots of penguin money made on my laser printer, all over the place.

It hasn't been a week and it is already time to organize Imp's room again.

Good grief!!!

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  1. Always fun to read about your week. Best wishes for the one ahead.

    Lisa D.

  2. Are those Lincoln Logs?! I used to love those! Now I'm going to have to find some for my son...


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