Friday, July 31, 2015

{Friday Photo Bliss}

Fridays I like to post images from the week that make me smile.

Piper is doing great!  He is getting so big (he is over 4 months around 23 pounds or so) and now the vet estimates his final size to be anywhere from 40-70 pounds.  Still no idea what type of dog he is, but to me he looks like a spotted lab.  People are always asking me what type of dog he is and I am going to make up a breed.  Any suggests??? 

Piper is a bit spoiled. He even received his very own package in the mail last week from Laura of Pretty Presets!

The package was from Pooch Party Packs and it was completely full of goodies including lots of fun playthings and healthy delicious dog snacks. I had never even thought about sending a package to a dog, but it is brilliant idea! I think the boys were as excited as  Piper.

Look at all of these goodies!  And it came with a coupon code for me to share with you.  Just enter "FIRSTPACK" when you place your first order. They are not a sponsor on my site, I just loved this box of amazing goodies and wanted to share it with you.

Piper loves his new toys. I took quite a few snapshots with my phone of him playing with them, but most of my images were a complete blur as he was throwing his new toys around the room like a maniac.  And he LOVES the snacks.  I have no photos of him enjoying them because they are gobbled up instantly.  This dog really enjoys eating.

We brought Piper out to the Greenbelt for his first time.  Like Blackberry before him, he went crazy with joy running around. It was a bittersweet moment. I really miss Blackberry...

We visited Toby the Kitten at my parent's house. He is also getting big, but still tiny compared to Piper. Boy is he cute.

Piper is always up to something so we spend a lot of time in the backyard playing with him.   It is hot (usually around 100) right now, but there is no way I can let this crazy puppy run around free in the house.  He just figured out he is tall enough to jump on the couches.  So he will go on these spastic dashes and jump on all of the couches on the bottom floor.

He also has a new friend named Jake. Yes, that is a dog, not a cat.  That little dog thinks he is a German Shepard.  It is so cute seeing them play. I can understand the desire to have a dog that is only 5 or 6 pounds.  Look at those tiny itty bitty jaws. So cute! And poops the size of raisins, who wouldn't want that in their yard? I wonder if they would be interested in a dog trade? ;-)

Yeah right, I love my stupid mutt.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Awww! I love reading the updates and your photos are just adorable!

  2. Wonderful update on Piper and the gang. Piper is one lucky puppy with that cool box of goodies. Sorry, can't seem to come up with a unique dog breed name. I was trying to use the heart as part of it but just couldn't come up with a good one. Good luck. It would be funny to see people's faces when you tell them the made up name you finally decide on.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Lisa D.

    1. Thanks Lisa!!! I need to figure out a funny name for Piper's breed. People keep on asking!

  3. What a beautiful pup! I wonder if Piper (love that name!) might not have some (Springer) spaniel in him. Possibly a spaniel/lab cross? Whatever he is, he is a lovely boy. I wish him a long, happy, healthy life with your family.


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