Friday, December 26

CoffeeShop "Rainbow Velvet Luxe" Photoshop/PSE Action!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday with their loved ones.  We had a great time with family and today my kids are riding their bikes in the driveway and building Lego sets with their cousins.  So that gave me some time to create a really fun new action for you that I call "Rainbow Velvet Luxe".  I LOVE this effect and I am so excited to share it with you today, "fresh off the grill".

If you are interested in getting my favorite actions in one convenient download and also help me keep everything free on this blog, this action is already loaded into my action download pack.  I update my action, digital design, and mega download packs all of the time (usually weekly) with my newest freebies.  So if you buy any of my packs you can request the newest version of that pack anytime you want (for up to two years after your purchase).  

This action runs in Photoshop and PSE and adds a beautiful colored velvety-tint and then automatically creates and applies a gorgeous rainbow overlay on your image.  No rainbow texture or brush needed, it is all automated.  Yay!  I even added an optional layer where you can add rosy lips/cheeks.  

This action can be stunning on portraits and every layer is completely adjustable.

I ran "Rainbow Velvet Luxe" on this beautiful image from Vanilla Tree Photography.  I love how this action creates such creamy skin.

CoffeeShop "Rainbow Velvet Luxe" Action Tutorial:

I used one of my favorite maternity photos ever from Jill Wellington Photography for this action tutorial.  Jill has been so fun to work with and she has so many amazing free editing tutorials and other goodies over on her blog, and she just started a photographer newsletter that you can sign-up for free.

When you start the action, make sure NOTHING else is open other than the photo you are editing.  Otherwise the rainbow overlay won't be placed on your image.  If you forget and the action seems to go haywire, just close everything and re-open your image and restart the action.  :-)

After the action applies the velvet-tint effect, it automatically creates and places a beautiful rainbow flare texture on top of your image.  I am so proud I figured out how to automate this, it is so convenient.  I obviously had enough coffee this morning.  :-)

Drag the rainbow overlay wherever you want on the image.  If needed, hold shift and adjust the size in Photoshop to keep the proportions.  If you want to zoom out, click Cmd,Control-0 (that is a zero).  Repeat to zoom back in.

Then click the check to accept the changes and the action will finish.

This is my image after running the action without any adjustments.

Adjustments:  These are the adjustments I made to the layers in this image.

1.  Rosy Lips and Cheeks:  The Honey tint will subdue redness in cheeks and lips so I added a layer where you can paint it back in.  Just click on the black layer mask on "Rosy Lips and Cheeks" and grab a soft white low opacity brush and gently add color to lips and cheeks. Adjust opacity to taste.  

2.  Rosy and Honey Velvet Tints:  I set the Rosy Opacity to 79% and erased some of it off her skin and hair.  I put Honey at 65% opacity.  You can also change the colors of these layers by clicking on the color swatches and/or changing the blending mode/opacities.  

3.  I adjusted the Rainbow Luxe overlay layer to 31% to make it slightly more subtle.

Here is the "after" which I think turned out quite lovely. If you are on a computer you can hold your mouse over the image to see the "before".

Download the free CoffeeShop "Rainbow Velvet Luxe" Photoshop/PSE action.  You can also download it here.

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