Wednesday, October 15, 2014

CoffeeShop "Thanksgiving" Digital Paper Pack!

What are your family plans for Halloween?  The last few years I would buy the kids a "scary" t-shirt from Walmart (I am too cheap and lazy to mess with costumes, BAD MOM) and we go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.  They get what seems like 20 pounds of candy (from approximately 20 houses) and we read the ingredients and realize it is really bad for us so we toss it all in the trash.  I hand out some organic 85% chocolate bars I happened to stock up on as I knew I would toss their candy, and the boys are happy because chocolate is chocolate.

I feel guilty that we are begging for candy that we toss in the trash, especially when there are starving people in the word.  But I don't think anyone takes Halloween candy donations, and I would feel guilty giving someone else diabetes…  The kids don't care because they are all about collecting the candy, but I hate feeling like a bad mom/neighbor every Halloween (wasting "food" AND stealing candy from my children).

Rather than send out an email asking all of the neighbors to give out healthy treats (apples) and little fun toys (certainly leading to our house getting toilet-papered and having all of the neighbors think I am the crazy rat-lady at the end of the street), I sat  down with the boys and we decided to start a new Halloween tradition that does not involve going from door to door begging for junk food.  We are going to have a Twilight Zone/Munsters movie night with popcorn, cheeses, grapes,  olives, fancy meats, etc. and I will make my delicious gluten-free almond flour brownies for desert.  If it is cool enough we will also sit outside and roast hot dogs and apples on the fire pit.

My kids were actually really excited about our plans and I think this will be the best Halloween ever.  I know you might think I am a horrible and neurotic mom (candy won't kill them, they are kids and kids need junk food, it is an important part of childhood you horrible mean mom!), but years past we had so much candy that they were eating sugary treats daily through Easter.

We will still buy our yearly scary t-shirts from Walmart so we will be properly dressed for our Halloween Celebration.

On to one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving.  I had so much fun making a new digital paper pack for Thanksgiving-themed designs.  These 10x10 inch papers that would be perfect for website/blog backgrounds, storyboards, frames, greeting cards, and Facebook covers.  They are free for you to use personally or commercially, no attribution necessary. I just ask that you don't sell them "as is" since I want to keep them free.

I used free clipart from Clker to create the patterns for these designs.

I hope you find a use for these papers!  Download the free CoffeeShop "Thanksgiving" Digital paper set. You can also download it here.

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