Sunday, October 12

CoffeeShop Facebook Cover-Building 4 Image Photoshop/PSE Action!

I have had some requests for Photoshop/PSE actions that automatically create Facebook covers and add your images.  Today I am very excited to post the first of a series of auto-cover-building actions.  This action rocks if you are one of those people who like to frequently change out your Facebook cover.

This action builds a perfectly-sized Facebook cover (this would also work as a website/blog header) and prompts you to load four images.  You can move them around as you load them (if you can't see the transform boxes, Ctrl-0 (zero) to zoom in and out).  Once your images are loaded you can add a color or digital paper to the bottom strip and type your tagline or add a logo.

At this time Facebook somewhat covers up the bottom of the cover photos (where I added the color strip), so you should probably add your logo/text on top of the photos.  If you have trouble seeing it, then add a new layer with a white box UNDER the text and lower the opacity of that white box to 20-40% so it doesn't completely cover up your photo.

You should be able to run this action without closing everything, but if it has issues running then close everything and then start it.  This is what the cover will look like after the action finishes.  You can readjust the images to taste if needed, turn on the Bottom Color layer and click on the image to grab a color or add digital paper on the bottom layer, and add your logo or text.

Here I added text with a white area behind it so you could see it.

Once your Facebook cover is finished flatten it and save as a png and you are ready to load it on Facebook.

I hope you have fun with this Facebook cover action. If you want me to design a specific one, please leave a comment below and I will try to post it for free download here on my blog. I love when you give me ideas, so now is your chance to request a custom action for free.  :-)

Download the CoffeeShop Facebook Cover 4 Photo Photoshop/PSE action.  

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  1. This looks fabulous!! Just what I need! I am a volunteer for a camp and we need a new Facebook cover. I going to try it now! Thanks so much!!

  2. Update: new cover picture looks fab. Check it out:

  3. Karen, it looks great!!! I want to go to your camp. ;-)

  4. Can I open this on elements?

  5. I downloaded the Facebook Cover last night, and I desperately want to change out my cover photo. I get as far as accepting the 4th photo, then Elements 9 stops responding. I've closed all programs, even restarted my computer, and it continues to do this.
    I am on a MacBook, iOS 10.10.3, PhotoShop Elements 9. Any suggestions?


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