Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day and My Chip Addiction!

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you get to spend the day with a loved one.  The boys and I are going over to my Mom's for lunch.  My sister Heather and her two kids are visiting so we are really looking forward to the day.  Did I mention my Mom is serving lunch?  What a great Valentine's  Day for me, I don't have to cook!  My husband and I will probably watch a movie at home tonight after the kids go to bed.  This is our normal Valentine's evening; relaxing, cheap, and simple.

I am absolutely not eating any Valentine's candy.  My mom and I gained some winter weight and have been sluggish and tired.  All day long my family eats so healthy, but lately once the kids go to bed the junk food comes out…  My almost nightly bowl of chips (I have a serious chip addiction), serving of chocolate chips,  glass of wine, and not exercising regularly are to blame for my weight gain.

I knew I was in serious trouble last week when I was really craving simple carbs and I opened a bag of Kettle JalapeƱo potato chips at lunch and finished the bag late that evening.  I ate an entire bag of chips in one day...  I felt sick and mortified and told my husband I can't keep chips in the house for now.

My mom and I decided we needed to do something together to keep us motivated, so we are doing the Whole30 eating plan this month.  It hasn't been too bad since we are already gluten-free, and giving up chips, chocolate chips, and wine for 30 days should help me lose some flab.  You can't weight yourself for the entire month, which is probably good since I have a tendency to jump on the scales and chastise myself a few times a week.

I am also back on a daily exercise program (Jillian Michael's dvds and walking).  My husband works out almost every day and looks better in his forties then he did in his 20's (he is ripped!), so I have felt really flabby around him.  Before kids I always worked out regularly and was toned, so it feels really good to get back in shape.

I will let you know at the end of the 30 days if I feel and look better.  I am on day six so I have a way to go, but so far so good.  Thank goodness I can still have coffee (with coconut milk) or I would never, ever do this program!

Are you fighting some winter weight?  Any advice on what you are doing successfully to get back in shape? I would love to hear some suggestions.  :-)

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  1. Oh girl I join you in that crazy chip addiction! I read about Whole 30 but decided to change my eating habits based on Trim Healthy Mama. I've been following their eating plan for one month and my clothes are looser. I have not weighed yet but my friend who started with me lost 12 pounds in three weeks. Diabetes runs on both sides of my family and I was gestational diabetic with my last pregnancy so in addition to a little weight, I also consider blood sugar issues.

    Wow, sorry for the novel comment. I must need some adult conversation, lol!


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