Sunday, February 16

CoffeeShop WebBoards 9!!!

Today I have two new storyboard/web boards to share with you!  They are both layered psd files for Photoshop and PSE, and you can add your images using the clipping masks (here is my action to do the work for you, or my clipping mask tutorial) and change the colors of the borders by the Color Fill layer on the bottom.

If you want the storyboard bigger, resize BEFORE adding your images!  These boards are great for presenting your images on your website, blog, or Facebook.  You can download them toward the bottom of this post.  :-)

So I am on day 8 of the Whole30 eating plan and I feel really good.  Actually, I feel surprisingly good.  I am doing the plan faithfully and also exercising every day (walking 2-3 miles or my 30 Day Shred DVD).


1.  Stomach bloat is gone, my muffin top is slowly getting smaller.
2.  Cravings for chips/chocolate chips/wine fading.  The last two nights I wasn't even craving any evening snackies.  That is a miracle.
3.  Not as tired in the afternoons.
4.  More energy throughout the day.
5.  Blood pressure around 110/65.
6.  Right shoulder tendinitis that has been around for months absolutely disappeared yesterday.
7.  My anxiety level is lower and I have more patience.


1.  Having to be more creative in my cooking so we are eating more healthy vegetable ( The Well Fed cookbook is my life saver).
2.  Not having any of my nitrate-free bacon, sausage, and tomato sauce because it contains some added sugar.
3.  Having some of your friends and family offer you a glass of wine and then taking it away and saying "Oh, that is right, you can't have wine.  I will drink it for you."  ARGHHHHHHHH!
4.  Not sleeping as deeply as before.  I am having more vivid dreams and waking up a few times at night.  I am also waking up automatically at 6:30 and can't go back to sleep.  This could be considered a good thing I suppose.

I will keep you posted on how I feel as I continue the month.  I bought the Kindle version of It Starts with Food and it is an easy and fun read.  I really don't think this way of whole, natural food eating is a fad. It only makes sense that eating lots of veggies, some fruit, nuts and seeds, and healthy meat prepared in simple ways would be good for you.

And this way of eating (remember, the strict part of the plan is only for 30 days) is actually saving me money.  I already buy grass-fed meats and organic fruits and vegetables; but eliminating chips, wine, and extra sweets is money in my pocket.  It has been said that the average time to start or stop a habit is 21 consecutive days.  The book was only $10, so if I can lose a few pounds and stop my chip cravings and start a habit of regular exercise in 30 days for LESS than the cost of a moderately-priced bottle of wine, then I am a success story in my own eyes.

It is to be seen whether I will add back gluten-free grains and dairy after the 30 days is over, but at this time I predict I will probably continue to eat them in moderation.  And I am 99.5% sure I will be back to enjoying wine occasionally, especially when we visit our local wineries.  I love sitting outside on a beautiful day, sipping wine with my  husband while the kids are playing nearby under the trees.  But I really, really hope to eliminate my craving for chips. I don't ever want to stare at the bottom of an empty bag of chips that was full earlier that day…

If you have done the Whole30 I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Just wanted to wish you luck on your road to a healthier you and family. I also wanted to thank you so much for how generous you are with the wonderful papers that you have created. Oh my goodness...all this wonderful eye candy had me positively drooling. So I thank you so very very much for sharing it with us. And lastly, you asked for ideas, well here's one. I have been searching high and low for papers with an "Egyptian" feel to them. I am trying to make a card that has an Egyptian theme to it and just been having a heck of a time finding anything with hyroglyphics, pyramids...or anything of ancient Egypt at all. Anyways, just my thought for you. Thanks for listening. Hugs :)

  2. Hi Rita, You inspired me to do the Whole 30. I am on Day 9. Have you reached the bliss stage yet? Thanks for the great web boards!

  3. Charlene, I will make some! And Paula, that is wonderful!!! I am on day 18 and I feel amazing. I think I will make it a Whole45 or Whole60. I am addicted to feeling so healthy. R


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