Tuesday, July 9

Maternity Shoot Processed with CoffeeShop Actions

New fan freebie posted on my Facebook page! If you aren't a fan of Facebook, don't worry; the fan freebies always eventually end up on my blog for free download.  :-)

Yesterday I posted a tutorial on one way I would photograph a back-lit maternity portrait and then showed you some edits with presets in LR4.  Today I wanted to post a few edits using my own actions in Photoshop/PSE.  Click on the link below the image to download the free action.

I ran the actions on the SOOC image and made no adjustments.   However, each action is completely adjustable, so if I had taken the time I could have customized the edit.  I was having so much fun playing with the actions but I tried to show some control by posting only some of my favorites edits. :-) The kids are both sick with summer colds so they were busy watching Garfield and Pink Panther (thank you Amazon Prime!) while Mommy got to play on the computer.

So do I prefer doing my "arty" edits with Lightroom or Photoshop/PSE?  It really depends. LR is usually faster but Photoshop/PSE allows more customization (and the use of textures).  I personally have to have both programs on my computer.  I use LR for my basic editing and some arty enhancements, but Photoshop/PSE for most of my "wall art", especially if I need precise masking and want to use textures/brushes.

Whether you use presets, actions, or custom editing; just get out there, shoot, and have fun!  And for goodness sake, print some of your art work and hang it up.  :-)

SOOC, no edit


Aphrodite B&W

Moonlit Fairy Dust (with no fairy dust applied!)

Autumn Vintage

Sun Kissed

Velvet Ash

Velvet Truffle

Vintage Blush

Rosy Vintage

Peachy Glow

Aphrodite and Sun Kissed

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