Thursday, March 21

Fun Profile Photo Tutorial!

I found this really fun graphic design website called Blog Spoon Graphics. You should check it out for the editing tutorials and freebies, but today I wanted to share a clever profile photo edit I saw there.

I always check out the About Me pages on blogs and I loved seeing how Chris edited his profile photo.   He created two images and used a mouse-over code, and what a clever result!  I actually wrote a tutorial on making mouseover images, you can find it here with the html code and how to install it.

Just mouse over the photo of Duke and you will see my copied version.  I was going for a bit of Breaking Bad but I accidentally cut off the hat on top and was too lazy to fix it.  I think this is such a  fun way to introduce yourself on your blog profile photo and there are so many clever things you could do to your own photo.  And imagine what you could do with a family photo.  :-)

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