Sunday, March 24

CoffeeShop Tutorial: Rainbow Vintage Paper with Freebie!

When I posted a set of Rainbow Vintage Papers I mentioned that I wanted to show you how easy it was to create these on your own.  So today I made the screenshots and will walk you through the steps. It is so fun to make these types of digital designs and I hope you enjoy  following this tutorial. I also included the paper I created with this tutorial (download on bottom of this post).

I wanted to use a distressed texture on this paper, so I went to Shadowhouse Creations and downloaded the Beneath the Surface Texture 1. You can use any texture in this tutorial, but I wanted to use one that you could download and practice on with me if you wished.

I removed the color from the texture (shift,command,U in Mac or Image, adjustment, desaturate).

Add a new blank layer above the background.

Click on the Gradient tool (1), then select the linear gradient (2) and click on the color bar (3).

You can use any colors you want, and I started with purple.  Double click on the little color picker on the left (1) in the gradient editor and then select your color from the stop color pane (2).

I double clicked on the right color picker and made this yellow.

I wanted to add a middle point, so I clicked on the middle of the gradient editor color swatch and added a new stop color and made this one blue.  You can see my rainbow color effect.  You can add additional points if you wish.

I clicked on the upper left side of the image (with the new layer selected) and dragged down to the bottom right.  I think this gradient is pretty and perfect for Easter.  :-)

I put this layer in Color Blending mode. Now you can see the Shadowhouse Creations texture once again.

Next I added the vintage paper.  I found this pretty graphic at the Graphics Fairy.  For some reason when I downloaded it, it was in Index color mode.  I changed it to RGB (image, adjustment, RGB).

I free transformed the paper (ctrl-T) and dragged it to fit my image.  Don't worry about loss of resolution if you end up making it bigger.  You won't be able to tell once you change the blending mode.

This is what my paper looks like now.

I put the vintage paper in Soft Light blending mode and I am done!  You could also use overlay and adjust the opacity.  See, wasn't that easy?

If you like this paper, you can download the final creation here or here.

There are unlimited beautiful rainbow papers you can design using these simple techniques and textures and vintage designs you find on the internet.  I hope you have fun playing like I did.

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  1. This was so much what I needed LOL I´m trying so hard to design digiscrapbookin paper and now I have this great tut to follow and I did one just like your´s with your great tut :) thank you so much for sharing this. I feel so much more confident now to try out more color :)

  2. Great tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the great tutorial. Can't wait to try it!


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