Monday, October 1

CoffeeShop Action Flashback: Creamy Chocolate B&W!

One of my most downloaded actions has been CoffeeShop Creamy Chocolate B&W.  I have since updated the action's name (Creamy Chocolate BW2) and a few steps, so if you haven't downloaded the new version please go check it out!  The "&" in the title was causing all types of issues.  You can also read the CoffeeShop Creamy Chocolate B&W Action UnWrapped tutorial to see how I created this edit.

This is a fun action and it looks really nice on so many edits.  I can't believe how much Imp has grown since I wrote this action...   Many of my readers turn off the Creamy layer.  You can also turn off the B&W layer to get a really nice warm contrast boost.

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  1. LOVE this action! Can't wait to find more to do. I kept everything the same, except on the Chocolate layer, I added an extra brown in the middle to give a bit more of a brown tone to it. Here is where it was used


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