Wednesday, October 3

Coffee With Beryl: An introduction to a new friend!

Beryl contacted me months ago to see if it was ok if she wrote tutorials on her blog for some free editing programs using my actions/actions unwrapped posts.  I loved the idea as I am all about sharing, and since then a blog friendship has blossomed.

Beryl loves to teach photography, especially to moms wanting to learn to take better photos of their children,  and we decided to work out a collaboration together.  I absolutely love blogging here, but it would be nice to have more photography technical posts and Beryl offered to help me out.

Beryl is a mom photographer like me, and I am excited to learn new photography tips on taking better photos of my children. She blogged this amazing post today about photography myths moms can ignore.  Please go check it out!

Like all of you out there, I am crazy busy with work and life. With Beryl's help, I will now have some "free" time to work on creating more freebies AND have more content on this blog.  Thank you so much Beryl!

I wanted her to introduce herself, so here it goes:


Hi there to my new Coffeeshop Photography friends! I'm so excited to meet each and every one of you today and be invited by Rita to teach you what I know about photography during the coming months. My name is Beryl I'm a mama, a wife, a full-time elementary school technology teacher, and a part-time photographer. I have an unhealthy addiction to Starbucks coffee, TOMs shoes, and my iPhone. And I'm guessing, when it comes to photography, you and I probably have a lot in common.  
I believe that every moms can master the technical side of her camera. I believe that a beautiful photo can be taken with any camera. I believe in the creative process of photography and photo editing as art. And, I believe in the power of photography to enhance our role as mothers and as memory makers for our family. You know that moment when you capture a beautiful picture that so perfectly documents the essence of your child's spirit? The one that you know they'll look back on when they're adults and cherish forever? It's those images that make me excited to photograph, and I bet the same is true for you too. My journey into the world of photography began in 2009, on a whim. I was admiring a friend's photo a day, 365, project and wanted in on the fun and the challenge. I began the project March 1st 2009 with no real goals, dreams, or aspirations in mind other than: document the everyday and learn to use my then point and shoot camera better. Little did I know what an whirlwind of a journey that project would take me on.  
I joined an online community where I could meet others participating in a 365 project like me and discovered my photos weren't nearly as awesome as theirs. I set out to learn all I could about the technical side of photography and photo editing. (It was around this time I also discovered Rita and her incredible resources here!) As I learned I began to realize I was growing out of my point and shoot and needed a camera that presented the opportunity to grow and advance my skills.  
In the perfect storm of family planning, we also found out during that same spring that we were expecting our first child. As I researched local photographers and their beautiful squishy newborn photos I quickly realized professional photos were probably not going to be a part of our already tight budget. This added fuel to my fire of learning and it was in that moment that I decided I would give my family a special gift -- the gift of being able to capture beautiful images for our home. Little did we know that our first daughter was sick, and that she'd leave us when I was only 20 weeks pregnant. Our first daughter Bella Rose and her story are the reason my blog, my website, and my classes here exist. My photography transformed after her loss into my outlet of healing and I used the DSLR I was gifted as an early baby gift to process my emotions though a blog in her honor instead. More of Bella's story can be found HERE. Over the past 3 years since losing Bella I've had the opportunity to dig deep in learning my camera and although I excitedly built a successful part-time portrait business for children and families, I quickly realized it wasn't my passion. As an elementary school technology trainer by day, I knew that teaching was where my true passion was and I traded in my portrait business last year to begin creating an online space where women can come to learn how to use a camera to nourish their mind, body, and soul -- just like me. Now a mom to a healthy, beautiful, busy, and independent two year old little girl, Brielle, I love that I can use my talents to document our family's life together AND offer lessons to other moms like me that will leave them not only loving their camera, but also loving their life.
I'm excited for the opportunity to share some of what I know here at Coffeeshop Photography in the coming weeks and provide you with some lessons that will absolutely have you using your camera in new and better ways! I hope you'll join me here again soon -- you bring your pumpkin spice latte and I'll bring a photo challenge that will get you out practicing and documenting your amazing life! Until next time… xo
Beryl Ayn Young is a wife, mama, teacher, and photographer who offers photography lessons to nourish the mind, body, and soul over on her personal blog. Beryl believes in lifelong learning, photographic healing, & a glass half full perspective. She teaches e-courses and and provides photo coaching aimed at teaching you how to improve your camera skills and cherish life’s journey. Get inspired on your photography journey with one of her many freebie lessons or classes right here.


  1. Beryl is an awesome teacher and she expands my knowledge of photography every time I talk to her!! I am so glad she is sharing herself with The Coffee Shop Blog.

  2. Hey Beryl! Glad to see you over here- I've been following Rita's blog for years :)

  3. Beyrl, I am hoping to learn a lot from you. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and understanding that this is a journey. I can't wait to get to know you.

  4. Lovely photos and a great life story I'm visiting from Beryl's blog. Although I'm a Mum my babies have flown the nest I love reading photography tips and visiting with you both.

  5. I've had the opportunity to learn from Beryl at a photography workshop here in KY (please come back for more Beryl!!) :) She has an amazing gift of making photography look simple and fun. I'm excited to see the new friendship, Lord knows I take lots of pictures and am getting better, now maybe I can learn how to edit them better!! Thank you!

  6. Hi all!! So thrilled to be here and share what I know with my friends old and new! :)

  7. Beryl! Wow, what a lovely surprise to see you here! I didn't remember we started our 365 projects so close to each other. What fun to see your success -- looking forward to seeing more of you here. :)

  8. Hi Beryl! So nice to meet you and get to know quite a bit about you already!

    Your photos are gorgeous and you've peaked my curiosity and I hope to catch some of your posts and just might have to check out your courses as soon as my work load slows a bit.

    You have a very beautiful family and I wish you even greater success than you've seen already with your love of teaching photography!

    Hugs ...

  9. Hello! I'm so happy you're here sharing your knowledge! I all the time make excuses to do myself, camera understanding...
    I love your photos!


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