Monday, March 14

Ordinary Days

I was just sitting in the den, the news on low; listening to the thunder outside and the boys happily playing in their bedroom.  Words can't express how I feel about what is happening in Japan right now.  Life can be so beautiful, and also so incredibly horrific. 

I am reminded of that Yiddish proverb, "Man plans, God laughs".   All we can do is live each day knowing that it could be our last, and remember what is most important to us.  There can be so much joy in ordinary days.

"And as for our ordinary days: they are quicked with silver, bright and brief - and if you are snug as a beetle and free as a leaf - then shout thanks to heaven, and breathe relief, for: our happiness is sewn in delicate threads.  Use a thimble and sew, sew, sew."

Exit the Actress, Priya Parmar


  1. So true. I need to print out your blog so everyday i am reminded to take joy in the ordinary. I too feel for all those people and the country of Japan. I cannot even fathom how to recover from something so horrific.

  2. I love the quote at the end of your post!!! It's so beautiful!!


  3. Beautifully expressed sentiments Rita. It is just heart-breaking to see the devastation in Japan. You wonder how anyone can heal body, mind, heart and soul after going through something like that.

    Thank you too, Rita for the kind feature of me and my blog in your post of yesterday. Much appreciated! Bonnie

  4. Live for today, for we are not promised tomorrow. I remember my momma saying that over and over when I was little.
    Enjoy your family and prepare your soul for Heaven was another of her favorites.
    I love the qoute at the end of you post.

  5. Thanks for your post! It is so true - none of us know the moment out life will change.


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