Friday, March 11

Prayers for Japan and the US Coast

No {Friday Photo Bliss} today.  We are horrified about the quake and tsunami in Japan and are praying for them and the safety of all of the people in the path of the tsunami.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more Rita.
    I posted this earlier in a CT thread.. "watching the news this morning is awful.... I guess I'm very thankfully for the piles of dirty snow outside...because otherwise it's a good day for me.
    lots of prayers for all those effected by natural disasters."

  2. Absolutely agree. Many prayers to those affected. A very sad day.

  3. Prayers being sent out from here as well!!!! I think it is so honorable Rita that you don't post a Friday Photo Bliss this week...

    It's so easy to pass on the drama of the event, then forget what they are truly going through....
    My hope is that those whose hearts the happenings in Japan truly affect, do a little something to help ♥

  4. Our friends in northern Japan are okay, just without power for who knows how long. Friends in Hawaii said that nothing really happened. I'm SO thankful!

  5. praying for them as well...i have some friends and family in Japan and I really hope they are safe and sound.

    I am worried as well because my family whose location right now is under a tsuanami warning. I have been trying to get hold of them but to no avail. I hope and pray they are safe as well.

  6. We have been watching the news all day and it just seems to get worse and worse. What a tragedy for all of those poor people and their friends and family. I pray it is not as bad as they are predicting.

  7. Thanks for posting this reminder to pray.


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