Thursday, March 4

Fatso Catso

I have been one to always prize myself on keeping my cats fit and trim, especially since they are outside cats and get plenty of exercise. But then there is Big B (recently nicknamed Fatso Catso by Duke), one of our two black cats we adopted...

You might notice that Big B is BIG. Not only BIG, but FAT. Big B was rescued from my grandmother's apartment complex. He was a little stray kitten that was headed toward the pound. Big B is a great cat. He hunts mice and rats and is very friendly. He is the ideal barn cat and once was a slim trim rat-killing machine.

Well, until we adopted Little T. Little T was one of four tiny black kittens who were abandoned when some neighbors of my parents moved away. Their mother was dead (killed by some animal) and they lived under a gas grill on the back porch.

I went to feed them one day while visiting and three of the kittens (female), were feral, yet Little T ran up to me and begged for food. I had to take him home. When my husband saw him the next morning, cuddling on my lap outside, he said "Not another black cat! Why couldn't you adopt a pretty one?". And it was true, Little T was anything but pretty. He was tiny, starved, and his coat was very dull.

I bought Little T the best kitten chow and his coat grew silky and he wasn't little anymore. However, Big B enjoyed snacking on the kitten food and he grew fatter and fatter... I tried to feed them separately, but you know how cats are, they like to nibble and come back, and Little T's leftovers all went to Big B.

I decided to separate them a few weeks ago and not keep food out after a few minutes. Strangely, Big B kept on getting bigger, and Little T was getting smaller... I was completely stumped. Perhaps the neighbors were feeding Big B? Or he has some type of metabolic disorder?

Well, yesterday I solved the case. I was in the outside workroom (the cats sleep there at night) and noticed that they had knocked down stuff from the workbench. As I was putting it away I noticed a cabinet door was ajar. I opened it and found this:

Yes, a 7 lb bag of dry cat food I had purchased a few weeks ago and had forgotten about. And it was almost empty... Big B had found my stash and had been helping himself for weeks. And growing fatter and fatter...

Mystery solved, and now all food is safely locked away and Big B is on a diet. I noticed that he had knocked some stuff down again from the workbench while trying to find his kitty all-you-can-eat buffet. And he did seem a bit grumpy today. And strangely enough, he seemed hungry. ;-)


  1. Haha, that is hilarious!! I miss having cats so much; darn my husband for being allergic to anything animal-related!

  2. so i completely relate to this story since i have one cat who just eats when she's hungry (& thus remains skinny) & another who sees food (any kind of food) & "has" to eat it (so not so skinny despite the fact that she runs around like a headless chicken). So no "damn-it (the skinny one) gets fed on top of this huge shelving thing our landlord owns because i can leave the food out to eat when she wants as cujo (the no so skinny one) can't jump up there.

  3. This made me laugh! I am a cat lover but allergic, not deathly, but enough to make me miserable. I am looking into the hypoallergenic cats but am still shady :)
    However I can live vicariously through others cats :)

  4. Oh, funny...and I so feel your pain! Since Christmas our "Bernial" (Burnese Mt. Dog meets Spaniel) has "found" and eaten 4 loaves of bread, a box of brownie mix, a bag of skittles and a sack of flour (all purpose). She didn't like the flour so most of it was scattered around the living room, dining room and kitchen. Aren't pets fun? LOL!

  5. hahahahaa this is so funny! seems like some animals do need help control themselves.
    and I also learned, NO ONE like dieting! haha

  6. Great story Rita! Wiley ole cat!!

  7. Hilarious! Not only a hunter of critters, but also a hunter of stashed food. What a hoot!

  8. aww he IS pretty hansom.

    We have a really hairy fat cat named latte. We were told to put her on a diet - she would just eat and then meow for more and i couldnt stand the thought of her being If inside shell eyeball the kids for whatever they're eating.

  9. Poor Big B, he musn't understand why there's no all I can eat buffet for him now ! :D
    I have 2 cats, a 7 years old one and a kitten, so they HAVE to eat different food; I found a way for that: the kitten's food is not on the floor, in a place where the older one wouldn't jump to. And when I'm feeding the older one, I keep the kitten with me in another room. Otherwise they would eat the wrong food !

  10. Big B is so cute. I have a female fat black cat who looks like him. I love black cats.


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