Saturday, March 20

Ahhhh, Spring is in the Air

Green grass? Check.
Green leaves? Check.
Warmer longer days? Check.
Kite flying? Check.

Yep, my checklist shows it is spring.
Back to long days spent outside in the shade of our giant oak tree. Picnics in the backyard, catfish fishing in the pond, playing in the sandbox with construction vehicles, chasing dragonflies.

Ahhhh, life is good for this mom during warmer weather... I LOVE my job. :-)

Oh, there is one fly in the honey. Warmer weather means active snakes. And snakes love eggs. And that means giant 6 foot rat snakes in my chicken coop, sometimes hanging from the top rafters... Oh boy. Goes to show no job is perfect. ;-)

Photo edited in LightRoom. I used the CoffeeShop Web Rounded Corners action in Photoshop CS4 to round the edges and make this image web-ready. :-)

Oh, check out these amazing free textures from Johnna Riddell! She is the one who wrote these two amazing actions: Johnna's TeaParty and Johnna's Memories of Sunshine. If you download the textures, please leave Johnna a glowing comment so she will make more! Ahhhh, I love free textures just as much as I love spring.

I am putting together a texture tutorial that you are going to love! I have noticed that softly-colored hazy textured images are all the rage, and I am going to show you how to get that exact same look. I will have a tuturial and a free action. I can't wait to post this one!


  1. wish we had all that! Here is Kansas we welcomed Spring with a fresh batch of rain, ice and snow. Enjoy your Spring weather, ours will hopefully get here next week to melt off all this stuff.

  2. We're starting to get that here - the nip in the wind is starting to go now, I love this time of year!

    Beautiful photo - I can't wait to get my boys out more, makes the days so much more fun (especially when I can take my camera out lots too! ;) ).

  3. Thanks for sharing all of your awesome free actions. I use them all the time. I was just wondering if you would consider doing an action that would make a picture look like an oil painting or a watercolor? Thanks again, Rita.

  4. I love that picture!! I have one similar from last year with my two boys and its one of my faves! Spring rolled in to San Diego with a delightful 85 degrees. Grandpa cleaned and heated the pool and my kids were swimming away! Crazy for that to be happening in mid march!

    I love that you noted the rounded corners action... I am so off to check that out!


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