Monday, April 24

CoffeeShop "Creamy Luxe" Photoshop/PSE Action Revisited!

I am going to start revisiting some of my older Photoshop/PSE actions every week. I have over 400 actions on this site and I love rediscovering old classics. It is spring, so why not play around with a perfect spring edit!

Today I wanted to edit with my "Creamy Luxe" action. I wrote this one back in 2015. I had an 11 and an 8 year old boy in the house back then, and I have no idea how I got anything done on my blog. This is a simple little action but is stunning applied on floral images and outdoor portraits.

Here is an example photo edit using "Creamy Luxe". Download the original image here.

This is what the image looks like after running the action without any adjustments. This is pretty but I want to soften it even more.
I turned off the Define layer and brought up the Creamy layer from 50% to 90%. I love this edit so much!
Finally, I added one of my fine art textures. I used the Catlin 2b texture from this post. I desaturated the texture and applied it twice on top in Soft Light blending mode at 100% and then 50%.

 Download the print I made by clicking on the image or on this link.

  Visit the CoffeeShop "Creamy Luxe" Photoshop/PSE post to download the action!

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