Wednesday, September 29

CoffeeShop "Cerulean Blue Dreams" Photoshop/PSE Action!

I have been working on this Photoshop/PSE action for a few weeks and I am finally happy with it. "Cerulean Blue Dreams" adds a cool tint and I love using it on outdoor images and especially portraits. It is really nice to use on my photos taken here in Texas where it is fall and still very green! 

There are many phone apps out there that you can use to edit your images, but I still fall back on using Photoshop, PSE or Lightroom for 99% of my edits. For one reason I have a huge monitor on my computer. I can't edit on a tiny phone! And also I have more control using actions or presets. I can mask where needed or adjust each layer. Phone apps are nice, but if you really want to have complete editing control these programs are still the best! 

And luckily it is very affordable if you just go the Photoshop Elements route. You can use all of my freebies posted on this site in that program! And if you are a graphic designer (like me) you can get by with just PSE.

Images used in my cover ad: (flowers, woman in hat, woman in field, snow, flowers).

CoffeeShop "Cerulean Blue Dreams" Action Tutorial:

Run "Cerulean Blue Dreams". This is without any adjustments to the layers.

I turned on the top layer "Soft Cream" and put the opacity to 80%.

I clicked to select the Cerulean 2 layer's mask and used a soft black brush set to 40% opacity and painted over her skin. I usually do this on portraits.

As a final adjustments, I turned on the "Gloss" layer and put the opacity to 30%.

I hope you enjoy playing with my newest action!

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