Friday, April 16

CoffeeShop "Darth Munch" Print for Art & Star Wars Lovers!

OK, what do you see when you look at this Edvard Munch "Two Women on the Shore" print?

Darth Vader, right?  It should be titled "Darth and Woman on the Shore". Poor Darth Vader is in love, begging this young lady to join him on the Death Star. She must stay strong and refuse his earnest imploring words. Or should she? Maybe she can turn him from the Dark Side before he confronts his son Luke? Maybe all he needs is love?

So you can understand why I had to make my own version that was much more clear. I don't want to have to imagine things like you do in modern art, I want a version someone simple like me can understand. And after all, I have newly painted walls begging for prints and a houseful of Star Wars lovers.

So here it is, my version aptly titled "Darth Munch". Edvard M, that is how it should be done, take note.

Click on the image above or link below to download the high-resolution print if you are also a weird Star Wars/Art lover like me. ;-)

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