Friday, December 11

CoffeeShop "Carroll Photo Glass Plates" Albumen Silver Print Textures!

I am so excited to share my newest fine art texture set with you! Transform any color image to a gorgeous sepia or color vintage albumen silver print.

I made these textures from a Lewis Carroll albumen silver print from glass negative. These look gorgeous layered on your images, or even as digital paper for your designs. Feel free to use them in your personal and commercial work, just don't resell "as-is", please keep them free on my blog.

Below I show you how I edited two images using this set. You can download these free textures toward the bottom of this post.

In this edit I clipped the pear photo to the texture so that I could keep the edges intact. Then I added the texture on top in Multiply blending mode and added a Levels adjustment layer in Screen blending mode on top and used a layer mask to paint light back on the pears.

You can download the high resolution version of this edit here.

For this edit I clipped the portrait to the texture then clipped a copy of the texture on top of the portrait in Color Blending mode to sepia tone the print. Then I added a Levels adjustment layer and added light to the image on the flowers and her face by adjusting the midtone and highlight sliders. I followed this with two copies of the texture in Multiply blending mode, the first at 100% opacity, the second at 85% opacity. Between the two texture layers I added a Levels adjustment layer in  Screen blending mode to brighten the portrait.

I hope you enjoy using these textures as much as I do!

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